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Kate Pearson (BA Hons, PG Dip, OCGD) is qualified in both textile design and residential landscape design having trained with Duncan Heather at the Oxford College of Garden Design.

Having shown a talent for Vectorworks and a talent for teaching, Kate was too good an opportunity to miss so we snapped her up! She trains on Vectorworks, Sketchup, and Cinema 4D. Showcased in the magazine of the Society of Garden Designers and familiar with the design process both inside and outside, Kate is perfectly placed to help you with strong visuals for your client presentations and assist you in moving from paper to screen.

Says Kate, “It can be a bit scary learning anything new, especially a computer program. Having been in this position at college myself I know how important it is to get off to the right start with Vectorworks. I believe that anyone can produce well drafted designs and stunning visuals with Vectorworks. It just takes time and practice as well as experienced, patient trainers who can relate and adapt to your process and work flow. Every one of our clients requires a personal approach because we are all individuals with specific needs. We all learn in different ways and at various paces. As a Vectorworks trainer and consultant I work with individuals and teams alike, to get them moving in the right direction with Vectorworks. This often starts with learning the basics of the system, before progressing onto industry specific topics. Once everyone is up and running I work with Vectorworks users to improve their work flow and streamline their processes. This can involve developing new company standards and training programs, as well as creating resources, and migrating users to the latest Vectorworks software. Vectorworks is a massive and very powerful tool. Getting the most from your investment is a very important part of my role. I do enjoy watching the ‘penny drop’ and the look of euphoria on clients faces when they see a way forward, this can be as simple as discovering a new tool that they have never used before!"Seeing our clients progress with Vectorworks is really rewarding, all the hard work pays off and they can work more effectively, confidently and efficiently. This leads to winning more business and growing their businesses. It is so exciting to watch and be a part of!”

Kate also treats us to regular cup-cakes, the design of which always put us to shame. Highly recommended!