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Vectorworks Architect 2018 is BIM modelling, drafting and documentation software built with the design process in mind. As the architect’s BIM tool, this software enables you to tackle complex ideas in 2D and 3D, refine construction details, explore the project’s energy efficiency and streamline costs. Built-in rendering engine, Renderworks enables high-quality renderings to be created directly within the Vectorworks workspace. It includes a wide range of default textures within thousands of Vectorworks content library objects. Get inspired and maintain your creative edge as you explore and develop your ideas within the software. Work with other members of the project team within the same file. Design in 2D, 3D or both. Tackle complex design ideas with flexible documentation and graphical scripting tools.

Designers choose Vectorworks® Architect because they want to use that supports their creative
process instead of replacing it. As the architect’s BIM tool, Vectorworks Architect delivers an exciting suite of
capabilities that will enhance your workflows and improve your design process. From 2D and 3D to BIM and beyond, Vectorworks Architect supports you and your project team seamlessly, from concept to construction

Work as a Project Team

Vectorworks Architect supports a wide range of file formats, so you can easily share files with members of the wider project team. For example, you can import and export DWG (AutoCAD), PDF, IFC (Industry Foundation Classes—BIM), DWF and many more formats. You can even bring in Sketchup files and make the most of the library of items in the Sketchup Warehouse.

Once the project is set up, take advantage of the Project Sharing facility which will enable all members of the team to checkout design layers or individual objects from a central model, make changes and then check back in. Offline working is possible too. You don't need to employ complex referencing models when working as part of a team.

Renderworks 2017

Model the Site

Vectorworks Architect includes site modelling tools for creating accurate models of the terrain. Use the Site Modifiers tool to make changes to the contours, apply flat areas, or simply re-texture the surface of the model. The site model stores both the existing site levels and proposed levels, to give accurate cut and fill.

Concept Building Design

Create building concepts using a variety of methods and processes. For example, start with a layout of Spaces and allow Vectorworks to create the structure of the building automatically, using Walls, Curtain Walls and Slabs. Or, create buildings from scratch using the Push/Pull, Deform and Subdivision Modelling tools.

Detailed Building Design

Vectorworks Architect includes an extensive range of building content—wall styles, curtain wall styles, slab styles, roof styles, window and door styles. It's easy to create your own elements and store them in a library to make them available for future projects, and to share across the team. Resources are easily accessible with the new Resource Manager. Once the model is complete, you can present plans, sections, elevations all from a single model. Prefer to work in a more traditional 2D manner? That's fine too. You have the full range of 2D drafting tools at your disposal too.

Interior Design

For Interior Architecture and Interior Design, Vectorworks Architect with Renderworks is an invaluable tool. The Resource Manager libraries are packed with building and furnishing elements to help bring your schemes to life. The integrated rendering engine,  Renderworks, enables you to add realistic lighting and textures to models and produce stunning visuals. Cabinet, kitchen and bathroom designers will find Interiorcad a useful addition to Vectorworks Architect

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Vectorworks Architect is fully compatible with IFC, making it easy to participate in BIM projects, as long as the project is compatible with open standards. All building and site elements include BIM data that can be customised as required for sharing in IFC format. If you've modelled unique elements from scratch, you can easily attach IFC data and ensure that your objects are included in the BIM data drop. For more information on BIM, and to request our RIBA Approved CPD, BIM Your Next Step, please call us.

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Vectorworks Architect 2018

Vectorworks Architect is the renowned 2D/3D CAD and BIM design software from Vectorworks, Inc. Includes Renderworks integrated render engine.

Vectorworks Service Select is the optional annual maintenance, which includes the upgrade to 2019, additional content libraries and more. The price shown for Service Select is discounted by 50% (when bought with new licences. New customers only).

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