Design Software Solutions



CAD, BIM and PDF management software, such as Vectorworks, Bluebeam or CINEMA 4D, is packed full of functionality. Reading the manual or Help will explain to you everything that the software is capable of. Attending some of our training courses will give you expert guidance in how to use the functionality within your software.

But running a design practice involves much more than software. You need clearly defined processes that will help you and your team take projects from concept to delivery in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Clearly defined processes, that are also clearly documented and communicated, will help those in your team understand what's required of them, and will help new recruits get on board.

We offer consultancy on:

  • Definition of processes particularly around teamworking for Vectorworks, Bluebeam and CINEMA 4D
  • Use of class/layer standards
  • Template creation
  • Preparation of resources, such as symbol libraries, Tool Chests and more
  • Preparing for BIM

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